MCU Secret Invasion will DISAPPOINT COMIC fans?

MCU Secret Invasion

MCU Secret Invasion: Who’s The Enemy Have you ever thought that one of your friends might just be an alien in disguise from outer space? And not like Superman or anything, but trying actually to invade Earth? Well, you don’t have to imagine it any further because Marvel got you covered with an epic comic book crossover storyline and a six-episode self-titled miniseries that kicks off on the 21st of June, 2023.

But instead of trying to read the entire comic book series for however long that’s gonna take, join us as we try to untangle Secret Invasion’s crazy comic book plot and how it might tie into the MCU. For starters, if you’re a crazy comic book and MCU fan, then you should know that the MCU rarely ever follows the plot of the comic books it tries replicating. Not saying that it’s a bad thing; just often way different from the comic books.

Mcu Secret Invasion Trailer and Poster

And MCU’s Secret Invasion is definitely following this trend. The entire Secret Invasion storyline in the comics is an epic crossover saga spanning through an eight-issue limited series and various tie-in books. So, yeah, we’re all definitely thinking the same thing. How is Marvel gonna fit all that into a six-episode miniseries? Well, to answer that, we’re gonna have to understand Secret Invasion’s comic book saga, starting with issue one. Secret Invasion takes place after the conflicting events of the Civil War.

Mcu Secret Invasion Trailer and Poster

In the aftermath of all that carnage, the Avengers were pretty much all over the place. Iron Man becomes the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. Captain America is dead. And the rest of the superheroes who were against registration are fugitives, operating as the Secret Avengers led by none other than Luke Cage. Shortly after, Iron Man somehow finds out that a skrull has been in disguise as Elektra. So, here’s a little science fact about skrulls, they only revert to their normal selves when they want to or when they die.

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This means that Iron Man has no way of telling who’s a skrull and who’s not, forcing him to bring in the big guns. Worried that this could be an alien Invasion of some sort, he brings in Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards — the smartest man alive — and Hank Pym, who was still going by Yellowjacket. Tony Stark brings in the smartest people he knows to study the skrull corpse and hopefully engineer a way to tell who’s a skrull and who’s not. But before they could get anything done, Iron Man receives word that a skrull spaceship was crash landing into Earth, more precisely, into the Savage Lands.

Comic book enthusiasts watching this right now definitely know what the Savage Lands is. Well, for non-comic book lovers, the Savage Lands is basically an island with dinosaurs that served as Magneto’s layer. So, Iron Man assembles his Avengers team and heads off to investigate this crash, leaving Mr. Fantastic and Yellowjacket to continue their alien research. What was supposed to be a quick investigation of the skrull crash site turned into something else entirely when Luke Cage and his band of Secret Avengers also headed to the crash site.

Before either faction of superheroes could do any actual investigation, Iron Man starts whining and attempts to place Luke under arrest. Typical! And this pretty much marked the start of the end. Both factions of superheroes almost come to blows when the skrull Invasion begins. Skrull sleeper agents across the world get on the offense, destabilizing the superhuman community by taking out the S.H.I.E.L.D Hellicarrier, S.W.O.R.D’s orbital base, Thunderbolt Mountain, sending the Baxter Building into the Negative Zone, and even instigating a breakout in the villain holding facility The Raft.

They even disabled Iron Man’s suit by posing as Jarvis and uploading an alien virus. Yeah, the skrulls weren’t messing around. Independence Day definitely got nothing on these guys. The crashed spacecraft eventually opens up, and actual doubles of several superheroes come flying out, with each one claiming to be the real one — the oldest doppelganger trick in the book. Back at the lab, Mr. Fantastic proves yet again why he’s the smartest man alive by uncovering a way to determine who’s a skrull and who’s human. But before he could reveal it to anyone else, Hank Pym blasts him with some ray, turning him into some kind of giant wad of chewing gum.

Yeah, you guessed it. Hank Pym was also a skrull the entire time. Richards’ supreme brainpower definitely didn’t see that coming. And with that, the skrull Invasion on Earth was complete. A well-detailed plan, followed down to the latter, had Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and the entire planet beaten. And that, guys, is how the skrulls took over the planet.

Yeah, that would have been a pretty cool end to the story, though but as we’ve seen in Endgame, the heroes got to win somehow. Well, the Skrull Invasion was led by Queen Veranke, a skrull princess and an eventual successor to the Skrull throne, who was driven by a prophecy which foretells the complete annihilation of the skrull home planet. For inciting religious extremism and defiance, the current skrull emperor, Dorrek, exiles her to a prison world and holds off from killing her because he believed that would only turn her into a martyr for her cause.

This decision would eventually prove futile because years later, the skrull throneworld, alongside Emperor Dorrek is annihilated by Galactus, forcing the skrulls to elevate Veranke out of the prison world and unto the throne of the mighty skrull empire. As Queen, Veranke’s first order of business was to conquer Earth by infiltrating every facet of Earth, weakening them enough to simply walk in and take over. Veranke also decides to be one of the skrull sleeper agents, choosing to play a direct role in Earth’s infiltration. So, she disguises herself as Spider-woman to infiltrate S.H.I.E.L.D.

While Queen Veranke was one great supervillain, up there with some of the best for sure, she was ultimately killed in the final battle, as you’d expect. But what you wouldn’t expect is by who. The big bad of this incredible eight-issue series was killed by Norman Osborn. Not the Green Goblin, plain old human Norman. Don’t act so shocked.

Getting snuffed out by Norman Osborn, a human, kinda affects her big villain status, but in her defense, she was first impaled by the Wolverine and Clint Barton, who was in his Ronin phase. So, we can give her a pass, right? Well, after that, the Avengers wiped out every remaining skrull ship, saving Earth and its inhabitants. You know how the story always goes. And that pretty much wraps up this epic storyline, an instant classic.

Now, you have an idea of what the MCU is trying to recreate with their six-episode miniseries. Sounds quite impossible, right? Well, it is. Here’s a little secret, MCU’s Secret Invasion is going to be nothing like the comics. For one, instead of giving us a big crossover event like Endgame or Across the Spiderverse, Marvel is going for some sort of political thriller. Similar to what they did in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Again, not like that’s a bad thing; just quite different.

Additionally, from the trailers and all, Nick Fury seems to be the protagonist of this one. He’s definitely gonna have some allies here and there, but ultimately, it’s gonna be the Nick Fury show. So, yeah, we won’t be seeing many superheroes. This now takes us to the big question, “Who’s gonna be the big bad this time around?”

From what we know and have seen, the villain of MCU’s Secret Invasion will be some skrull named Gravik. Move aside, Queen Veranke. In the Secret Invasion trailers, we are introduced to a new skrull played by Kingsley Ben-Adir, and he actually looked quite menacing. While Marvel might often alter the trajectory, origins, and even powers of certain characters, they’ve rarely ever just created a character out of the blue.

Well, Kingsley Ben-Adir’s Gravik is definitely an exception to this. Many MCU fanboys might oppose this idea, but it might actually not be that bad. An entirely original character means that Marvel Studios has utter freedom when developing his storyline, backstory, and even motivations. The writers aren’t confined to the rules of the comics that came before. Plus, it also means that we have absolutely no idea what to expect from Gravik.

Unraveling Gravik as the episodes pass and the story unfolds will definitely be a journey for every movie lover. While Gravik’s mission will be the same as Veranke’s in the comics — infiltrate and conquer — the plot will be stripped down to slightly remove the wider-scale paranoia caused when even your best superhero could be a skrull in disguise, leaving us with an espionage-thriller series. But Marvel might have to go over the top with this villain.

For as long as any Marvel fanboy can remember, MCU has had a knack for producing some pretty bland villains; Taskmaster in Black Widow, Arthur Harrow in Moon Knight, Karli Morgenthau in Falcon and the Winter Soldier, whoever the villain was in Ms. Marvel. Honestly, the list actually goes on for a while. And the fear is that MCU’s Secret Invasion might just follow this trend, but let’s try not to get too ahead of ourselves here.

Well, one thing’s for sure, Secret Invasion and Gravik will definitely alter the course of MCU movies. A series with the biggest question being “Who do you trust?” What could possibly go wrong?

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