How To FIX Apple Pay Not Working! SOLVED Add Card To Apple Wallet (2022)

What’s up everyone, in this blog. i’m going to be telling you; how to fix apple wallet not working with Apple pay and if you’re having issues. Where you cannot add a card or apple wallet won’t let a card be registered to your phone. i’m going to tell you; how you can fix that so it’s actually a very simple trick on your iphone.

How To FIX Apple Pay Not Working | SOLVED Add Card To Apple Wallet (2022)

Apple wallet error
I’ll be tell you how to do that when you go to add a new card. You’ll see add cards to wallet it says to add cards tickets all this other stuff. it’s not letting you do that right how do you fix that well in order to add a card to your apple wallet and fix this error.
What you want to do is go to your iphone settings; then click on general. Scroll down and you’ll want to see where it says language and region.
Once you tap on that you’ll see that my region is actually not where i live. I live in the united states and the reason. This can happen is if you maybe read another tutorial on; maybe how to change your app store region or how to change.
You know your region on your phone if you’re trying to download apps on the app store that aren’t in your region. That can cause this error.
So we’re going to reverse that. So that we can add a card to apple wallet. So we’re gonna do change the united states.
General Setting
You can see it says setting region. So we’re just gonna wait for that to happen and we’re gonna see. What happens next; so once we change our region.  Scroll down out of settings and you’re going to want to open wallet from here.
You can see tap on this plus button and boom you can now add a card to apple wallet just like so and we no longer get the error message.

How to Verify Cash App Card for Apple Pay

How to verify a cash app card for apple pay? So first of all. You need to open up “cash app”  on your device, and then tap on this card icon
at the bottom. Once you’re on this screen. You need to tap on this three dot icon in the top right corner of your card. A pop up will  come up, simply tap on “add to apple pay”.
It’s going to bring up some information; tap ‘next’,  and a “terms and conditions page” will open up; hit ‘agree’ in the bottom right corner. Once  it’s finished setting up the card for apple pay,  tap ‘done’ in the top right corner. Again tap  ‘done’, and you’ll receive a notification that reads “cash is ready for apple pay”; and you’re  done. Well, I hope you found this video helpful, And If you did. This is the simplest way to verify cash app card for apple Pay.

How to Cash a Check with Venmo FOR FREE!

I was pretty excited to learn that you can actually cash a check with the Venmo app and it’s even free. I’m going to show you how to do it,  if you want to cash a check with Venmo. So you’re going to open up the Venmo app and you’re going to  click on your face to go to your profile. And then you’re going to click on manage balance and cash  a check.
And if it’s your first time doing this, you’re going to have to go through the setup process. It’s going to ask you for information to confirm your identity including your social security number and your birthday. It’s only going to do this the first time though. The reason they do this is because Venmo uses a third-party service.
It’s called Ingo and you have to have an account that links to your Venmo account. The same account would link to your Venmo and your  Paypal since they’re owned by the same company. So once you’re set up, it’s going to bring you to  this screen and you’re going to enter the amountnof the check that you want to cash. Then you’re  going to take a picture of the front of the check.
You got to line it up. It works best if it’s on a  black background and then you want to get the back of the check and you should have already endorsed  it and signed your name on the signature line and then you’re gonna click next. Now it’ll show  you the fees here. So it offers you two different options. You can get your money right away and  there’s gonna be a fee that’s a minimum of $5.
The fee is one percent for payroll or government  checks and five percent for personal checks but it’s a minimum fee of $5 either way. So I’m going  to choose the no fee option and it’s telling me that it’s going to take 10 days to show up on  my account. Then it takes a minute to process the transaction. Now there are some limits on  this service. It is only for checks that are written out to you and signed by you. You’re  also limited to a maximum of $5,000 per week and $15,000 per month. If you’ve tried this service, let me know how it went.

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